Epicentre Recording Studio Live Room w/ Drum Setup

Incorporating a recording studio and visual gallery space, Epicentre's newly renovated facility just off Roosevelt Row offers a truly unique and stylish venue, designed not just for audio recording, but also for audio and visual recorded live shows, album releases, gallery shows & special events.


Epicentre Recording Studio Live Room With Drum Seup 2

The live room at Epicentre features a 418sqft. custom built and acoustically treated live room with a small stage/live venue insipred layout with a 12' ceiling and irregular walls. The 30sqft. vocal booth was handcrafted and trimmed with reclaimed barnwood and equipped with a specially purposed ventalation system.


Epicentre Recording Studio Control Room

In the 200sqft. control room, we have a great selection of analog pre-amps, compressors, and EQ, combined with state of the art UAD Apollo AD/DA conversion, plugins and processing power to retain the purity of analog while utilizing the convenience and flexibility of digital.  With our passive analog summing system, we utilize our mic pre-amps during mix-down, enabling an endless amount of “console” buss combinations, while giving you a unique, yet discrete way to get back into the analog realm for further processing.

Gear List-


Neumann TLM49 Neumann TLM103
AKG C414 XLS (x2) AKG C 535 EB
Audio Technica ATM450 (x2) Blue Baby Bottle
Cascade Fathead Shure Beta 52
Shure SM-57 (x4) Shure SM-58 (x5)
Sennheiser e604 (x3) Sennheiser 935
Sennheiser MD421 Shure 55
CAD M179 AKG P240


Trident S20 SSL Alpha VHD
API 3124+ Vintech Dual 72
ART MPA II Golden Audio Pre 73 (mod) (x2)
ART VLA II (JJ Audio Mod) Emerical Labs Distressor (x2)
Speck ASC-T TC Electronics M300
Lexicon MX200 Alexis Nanoverb


iMac 3.4Ghz i7 10.8.5 Retina Display Pro Tools 10.7.10
Pro Tools 11.3 Ableton Live Suite
Max Live Universal Audio Apollo 16 MKII
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Universal Audio Satellite Quad
Folcrom Rolls Summing Mixer 32” Secondary Monitor


Adam A7 Audio Technica Headphones
Furman HDS-6 Personal Monitoring System Presonus Faderport


UAD (all) Slate Everything Bundle
Waves (all) Komplete 9
Ableton Suite Soundtoys (all)
Fabfilter (all) Antares Auto-tune


Epicentre Recording Studio Services-audio recording, mixing & mastering, voice over & ADR, ISDN & Source Connect sessions, foley, songwriting/artist development, session musicians, music production & arrangement, video production and in-studio or on-location live concert recording.


For Musicians and Producers

Epicentre is a fully equipped recording studio offering a stylish, urban recording environment for bands and solo artists looking to record a demo, single, EP or a full album. As a full service studio, Epicentre offers audio Recording, mixing & mastering, songwriting/artist development, session musicians, music production & arrangement, video production and in-studio or on-location live concert recording.

If you are new to the professional studio environment, our team of experienced engineers, musicians and producers will guide you through the recording process from start to finish. If you are an experienced professional, we'll provide everything you need to achieve your goals and get the most out of your time at Epicentre. We believe that each project is unique, and requires an open mind and a fresh perspective. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for our clients to experiment & explore, resulting in a finished project that captures the clients style & soul, and stands out commercially.

For Radio, TV & Movie Production

For both local and remote productions, Epicentre can provide you with professional quality VO/ADR, picture to sound recording for Internet, TV and film projects. Our engineers have experience working with producers of national TV shows, audio books, advertisements, video games and major studio motion pictures. We understand the specific requirements and deadlines these projects demand, and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality recording custom tailored to our clients technical specifications on time and on budget.

Source Connect ISDN Bridging

Utilizing Source-Connect Pro enables Epicentre to provide audio connections between digital audio systems worldwide, allowing direct-to-the-timeline recording with real-time broadcast quality. Ideal for Voice Over/ADR as well as musicians, now any artist or producer can connect seamlessly to any ISDN or Source Connect equipped studio in the world.

Unique Services

What separates Epicentre Recording from the rest, is our ability to accommodate any audio/visual request. This includes offsite work as well. Besides being audio recording gurus, our engineers are well trained in areas such as live sound, lighting, video, and anything around and in between. Planning a corporate event for your company? Hire us to provide entertainment to keep the vibe up. Need a live sound engineer? We have that too. Are you thinking about creating a promotional video with professional HD video quality and sound? We’ve got that covered.

Our engineers love to be creative and are up to fill any role related to audio/visual to custom fit your needs. Our facility is also a great space to have a small event. We have done events such as: panel discussions, acoustic shows, and full band shows with complete sound reinforcement and live recording. The possibilities are endless at Epicentre Recording, so be creative and we will take care of the rest!

Booking and Rates


2* $70
3-7 $60
8+ $50


Epicentre Recording Studio’s standard facility rental day rate is $250. For full service sessions including a house engineer, the rate is $400/day. If a session requires an assistant engineer or runner, a $100/per day surcharge will apply. Day sessions include a full 10-hr day with an hour lunch walkaway, plus setup and break-down times. Additional tracking, mixing and mastering services are charged at a prorated rate of $50/hr. If shorter sessions are needed, we have a 2 hour minimum policy at the rate of $70 per hour. 3-7 hour sessions are discounted to $60/per hour. House facility rates are non-negotiable and a deposit must be made in order to reserve your day. Source Connect sessions using ISDN Bridging is subject to an additional charge, typically $35-$60 per hour depending on service availability.

It is also possible to bring your own engineer to head your session and pay only the house facility rate. We do however take great care of our equipment, and we would hold the right to refuse anyone who we feel isn’t capable of professionally operating our studio. If you are bringing a guest engineer to Epicentre for the first time, it is recommended to have one of our house engineers “audition” them prior to the session, as we charge $25/hr for guest engineer training sessions to familiarize they with the studio if necessary.

We also encourage guest engineers to use our facility for tracking and mixing. We have a great selection of analog pre-amps, compressors, and EQ, combined with state of the art AD/DA conversion, plugins and processing power to retain the purity of analog, and utilize the convenience and flexibility of digital.

Our deposit rate for any session is $100 per day, regardless of length of session. This payment can be made via cash, Paypal, check made to “Cadence Creative Media LLC”, or card via phone or in person. We must receive this deposit in order to officially book your session. This is not an extra charge and will be counted towards your total. Cancellations/Reschedules must be made within 48hrs of your session.

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Epicentre Recording Studio, Phoenix AZ.

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Joe Bauman (Owner, Producer, Studio Manager)


Tony Brant (Tracking, Mixing, Live Sound, Producer, Percussionist)


Sage River Satterfield (Tracking, Mixing, Live Sound, Producer, Guitarist)


Saydi Driggers (Tracking, Editing, Producer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist)


Robbie Williamson (Tracking, Mixing, Producer)


Jon Weil (Mixing, Mastering)


Sam Trujillo (Cinematography, Video Editing, Photography)

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