48 Track ProTools Studio

Epicentre offers full service Digital / Analog tracking, mixing and mastering services with 48 available simultaneous tracks to accommodate any size project. Integrating the highest quality custom built Mogami cabling and high end SSL A/D conversion and interface, our studio offers a clear, accurate signal channel to perfectly capture your performance.

Remote SYNC ISDN Compatible

Utilizing Source-Connect Pro enables Epicentre to provide audio connections between digital audio systems worldwide, allowing direct-to-the-timeline recording with real-time broadcast quality.  Ideal for Voice Over/ADR as well as musicians, now any artist or producer can connect seamlessly to any ISDN or Source Connect equipped studio in the world.

Premium Outboard Gear & Mics

Our collection of premium outboard analog preamps, compressors and microphones allows Epicentre to custom taylor your sound to fit any style or genre. Whether you are looking for a crisp clean tone, an edgy overdriven vibe or a warm vintage feel, we've got the right gear to compliment any project.

Newly Redesigned Facility

Incorporating a recording studio, live music venue &  visual gallery space, Epicentre's newly renovated facility just off  Roosevelt Row offers a truly unique and stylish venue for Audio & Visual Recorded Live Shows, Album Releases, Gallery Shows & Special Events. Contact Us today at 480-270-2221 or Contact@epicentre-recording.com for more details.


Our Services For Musicians & Producers-

Epicentre is a fully equipped recording studio offering a stylish, urban recording environment for bands and solo artists looking to record a demo, single, EP or a full album.  As a full service studio, Epicentre offers audio Recording, mixing & mastering, songwriting/artist development, session musicians, music production & arrangement, video production and in-studio or on-location live concert recording.  If you are new to the professional studio environment, our team of experienced engineers, musicians and producers will guide you through the recording process from start to finish.  If you are an experienced professional, we'll provide everything you need to achieve your goals and get the most out of your time at Epicentre.  We believe that each project is unique, and requires an open mind and a fresh perspective.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for our clients to experiment & explore, resulting in a finished project that captures the clients style & soul, and stands out commercially.

Our Services For Radio, TV & Movie Production-

For both local and remote productions, Epicentre can provide you with professional quality VO/ADR, picture to sound recording for Internet, TV and film projects.  Our engineers have experience working with producers of national TV shows, audio books, advertisements, video games and major studio motion pictures.  We understand the specific requirements and deadlines these projects demand, and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality recording custom tailored to our clients technical specifications on time and on budget.